Are you getting the information you need from your screening company? Our combination of rental, credit, and criminal information provides landlords with the materials necessary to make the right decision about their applicants. Furthermore, our unique interactive website is designed specifically to meet the needs of landlords, allowing clients to access reports right on their computer any time of day, any day of the week.

InstaRent offers a three-part tenant screening report:

**All information included in FABCO Screenings dates back 7 years with the exception of convicted criminals, in which case the records report back to the date of occurrence depending on the individual state’s statutes and codes.

1. FAB Rental Report

  • Nationwide Eviction Filings
  • Rental Collections on file with FABCO
  • Notices to Vacate filed by other FABCO clients
  • Tenant Reports placed by FABCO clients
  • FAB Alerts, which report any known aliases, name variations and differences in SSN
  • Previous employment and address history
  • Inquiries by other landlords

2. National Credit Report

  • Public records (i.e. bankruptcies, civil suits, liens, etc.)
  • Collection accounts (i.e. utilities, credit cards, medical, etc.)
  • Trade lines showing payment history and status of each line of credit
    Inquiries by other credit grantors
  • FICO Credit Score
  • Credit summary
  • OFAC Advisor (terrorist alert) available upon request

3. Multi-state Criminal Report

  • Department of Corrections
  • Municipal court records
  • Common pleas records

**National Sex Offender Report included upon request

Tenant Screening Packet

Rental Report Guide

TransUnion Training Guide

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