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A proven leader in tenant screenings & rental collections since 1943

What started off as a small rental collection agency in Columbus, Ohio has since grown to provide landlords everywhere with nationwide information at the click of a button. We offer the best information in tenant screenings with instantaneous results right on your computer. Our Screenings and Collections services are the best in the multi-family housing industry, and our professional customer service staff is dedicated to helping each individual client.

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Tenant Screening

Our combination of rental, credit, and criminal information provides landlords with the materials necessary to make the right decision about their applicants.

Rental collections

We are one of the only companies who specialize in rental collections.

Pre-employment screenings

Offers employers the ability to run background checks on potential employees.

Tenant Reporting

Online access to reporting your tenants’ rental history to FABCO, free of charge.

Three Day Notices

This legal form is for you to serve your tenant to begin the eviction process.

Denial Letters

Fair Housing Law requires written notification when denying an applicant for housing.

Tenant Screening

Not only dop we have the most complete reports available instantly, but our customer service department is second to none. We provide members with a technical help line to answer all questions.

  • Evictions, rental collections, & rental histories
  • National Credit Report
  • Multi-State Criminal Report, including arrest records
  • Denial Letters
  • Three-Day Notices

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Apartment Tenant Screening

Why Screen?

Increasing the quality of your tenants by screening with FABCO will in turn decrease your losses in unpaid rent and property damages. FABCO’s Rental Report is specifically designed to protect your investment by exposing renters who have cost landlords thousands in the past. When it comes down to it, how much are you willing to risk on a handshake and a good first impression?

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Rental Collection

Specializing in rental collections, we have professional yet aggressive collectors who are well trained in all aspects of landlord-tenant law. We actively strive to contact every debtor we have on file, bringing you the best recovery results possible.

  • Rates are on a contingent fee basis
  • Debts reported to national credit bureaus
  • Skip Tracing Technology
  • Member of the American Collectors Association
  • Reputable and financially stable

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Better Business Bureau
ACA International
Columbus Apartment Association

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