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FABCO was first established in 1943 and quickly set the standard in rental debt collection. Our specialization in rental debts and dedicated staff of collectors has helped establish FABCO as an industry-leading debt collection agency, with a collection rate above the national average.

In 1972, FABCO became the first company in the United States to offer background checks specifically for the multi-family housing industry. Our detailed, three-part report goes above and beyond the average credit and criminal check, providing landlords with information specific to the applicant’s rental background, including eviction filings, rental collections, address histories, and inquiries from other landlords. FABCO equips its clients with the information necessary to make the right decisions about rental applicants.

What started off as a small rental collection agency in Columbus, Ohio has since grown to provide landlords everywhere with nationwide information at the click of a button. We offer the best information in tenant screenings with instantaneous results right on your computer. Our Screenings and Collections services are the best in the multi-family housing industry, and our professional customer service staff is dedicated to helping each individual client.

The importance of screening your applicants comes down to the age-old saying; “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Thousands of landlords across America have horror stories that attest to the fact that a good first impression doesn’t always indicate a good tenant. If asked, most landlords look for the same two qualities in their tenants: someone who pays rent and doesn’t damage the property.

A background check is a proven aid in identifying problem tenants who have records of evictions, broken leases, and extensive move-out damages. Furthermore, it is a fair assumption that if a tenant has beaten a landlord out of money in the past, then they are likely to do so again in the future. FABCO’s Rental Report is specifically designed to protect your investment by exposing renters who have cost landlords thousands in the past.

Increasing the quality of your tenants by screening with FABCO will in turn decrease your losses in unpaid rent and property damages. When if comes down to it, how much are you willing to risk on a handshake and a good first impression?

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