Any property owner/management company who needs to screen prospective tenants is able to use our services. We also provide pre-employment reports to help companies (including retail businesses) do background checks on prospective employees.

You must become a member of FABCO in order to run background checks. This includes completing a membership application and contract. Once your membership has been approved, you will be issued a billing number and login information, allowing you the access reports online.

Click here for more information on becoming a member

Screening reports can be processed through the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FABCO representatives are available for technical assistance Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm E.S.T. and on weekends 10:00am to 6:00pm E.S.T.

After submitting the application, results should be returned to you within a few minutes. If there is any delay, please call our office for technical assistance.

If you are having trouble viewing and/or printing reports, please call our Technical Support Line.

**Do not run reports multiple times or you may be subject to duplicate billing.

Technical Support Line: (614) 737-5714 or 1-800-669-5010 ext. 344

The FAB Rental Report provides a history of court-filed evictions nationwide and any rental collections on file with FABCO. In addition, the rental report also includes notices to vacate, previous address/employment histories and inquiries from other landlords.

Upon membership with FABCO, you will be issued a login name, password, and billing number, which allows you to access background checks. It is very important that you keep this information protected because any reports ran under your login will be billed to you. In addition, the owner/management company will be held legally responsible for all reports run under their account number. This includes leasing agents, property managers, and all others who may have access to your login information.

Our clients are billed on a monthly basis for their reports. Hard copy invoices will be mailed on the first of every month. In addition, we offer online bill pay, which can be set up once you have logged into the website.

Yes, our Resident Approval Program can be set up on the website. Our program allows for clients to create multiple profiles, customizable to specific properties and/or different times of year. All changes to profiles can be made by clients themselves and the changes are instantly applied to approval system.

With over 70 years experience in the multi-housing industry, we have established a proven reputation as the most dependable and extensive tenant screening company in the country. We pride ourselves on giving the most complete and in-depth information available on rental, credit, and criminal reports. In addition, our phone lines are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable associates who can answer your questions immediately.

  • Rental Collections: We are one of the only companies that specializes in rental collections. Not only are our professional collectors thoroughly trained in landlord-tenant law, their recovery rates are above the national average.
  • Pre-employment screenings: This product gives employers the ability to run background checks on potential employees, including a National Credit Report, a Nationwide Criminal Report, and a BMV Report (states may vary).
  • Tenant Reporting: This complimentary service allows you to report your tenants’ rental history to FABCO.
  • Notices to Vacate: This legal form is for you to serve your tenant to begin the eviction process. Once entered online, the information will also be placed on the tenant’s FABCO Rental Report. This form is provided at no charge.
  • Adverse Action Letters: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires written notification when denying an applicant for housing. This letter lets you indicate the reasons for denial and also lists information for contacting the credit bureaus that provided the information. This online letter is also available at no charge.