According to the ACA, approximately 11% of tenant debts are turned over to a collection agency. At FABCO, our collection services go above and beyond other agencies by reporting each and every account to one of the three National Credit Bureaus, as well as listing them on the individual’s FABCO Rental Report. Rental debt collection is our specialty here as we focus exclusively on the multi-housing industry.


FABCO has earned a respected reputation in the rental collection industry since its establishment in 1943. Nationally recognized and a member of the American Collectors Association, FABCO focuses solely on rental debt collection to achieve better results. Our specialization in the multi-housing industry ensures that our collectors are professionally trained in the specific areas of landlord-tenant law, including but not limited to leases, security deposits, and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Our experienced collectors are professional, yet aggressive, and actively work to collect each account by utilizing exhaustive skip-tracing tactics to locate debtors. Beyond the dedication of our collectors, FABCO reports all collection accounts to one of the three national credit bureaus and places it on the individual’s FAB Rental Report.

FABCO reports and works all accounts free of charge with no pre-requisite of membership*. No debt is too small, and we accept accounts dating back 6 years regardless of previous collection attempts.

**A standard commission rate of 40% applies to all monies recovered, except accounts that require litigation. Please see “FABCO Rates” tab for details.


Whether the tenant has just moved out, or your attorney has deemed the account a “lost cause,” our Collection Department works every angle to provide clients with prompt and effective service.

  • Notice letters
  • Phone calls
  • Accounts placed on the individual’s National Credit Report for 7 years
  • Accounts placed on FAB Rental Report for 7 years
  • Thorough methods of skip-tracing
  • FABCO Screenings database constantly searching for and locating debtors

We never give up on an account until it is paid in full or has subject to the time frame limitations as prescribed by law. We continue to monitor accounts from every angle and our strategic practices have proven results.

There is no fee or contract to sign when placing collection accounts with FABCO. We believe that a good collection agency does not charge upfront costs or require a contract.


  • 60-40 Split: Whenever a payment is received, you will be forwarded 60% of the payment and we will retain 40%.
  • 50-50 Split: Should we believe it is advantageous to pursue legal action against a debtor, we will forward a request for authorization asking you to remit initial court costs.
  • You will always make the final decision on whether or not to seek legal action.
  • When judgment is obtained and wages are garnished, we will forward 50% to you and retain 50% as our commission and to pay attorney fees (This excludes any additional fees incurred in cases of countersuit).

Collection checks are cut at the beginning of every month and will be mailed to you along with a breakdown of the payments received for the previous month and an acknowledgment of the new accounts you have turned over.


Complete the FABCO Collection Assignment Form when filling out your Security Deposit Disposition.

** Form can be found and downloaded below.

30 days after the tenant has moved out, send the completed Collection Assignment form into FABCO, along with other Collection Assignment Paperwork:

  • Statement of Security Deposit
  • Copy of Lease Agreement, signed by the debtor
  • Copy of Rental Application, signed by the debtor

FABCO will enter the collection upon receipt. At this time the first letter is sent to the debtor.

  • At the end of the month you will receive your Account Acknowledgement Statement.
  • At the end of the second month the collection is reported to the credit bureaus.
  • Collection checks are cut on the first business day of every month.
  • Status reports will be sent upon you request.

Collections Packet

Collections Packet

Collection Assignment Form

Collection Assignment Form

The Collection Process

The Collection Process